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Connecting the entire circle of care. 

Philips BioTel Care®’s family of products included the first FDA-cleared cellular blood glucose meter. This commitment to innovation continues today with the development of new technologies and services that support people living with chronic conditions.  And because we understand our success can only be measured in your success, our products are designed to make your life easier. We want to be your partner on the road to a healthier you! 


Empowering Patients

Automated supply refills and the end of manual logbook entries, free you to focus on other important self-care routines.

Delivering Actionable Insights

Easy access to useful trending data and immediate feedback every time a reading is taken, help you make sense of your numbers and gain better control.

Providing Secure Access

Near real-time data access for your entire circle of care- clinicians, family, and friends- means you get feedback and support when you need it most.



We know from experience that connected care is better care. 

The Philips BioTel Care® blood-glucose monitor is the first cellular-enabled solution that connects the entire circle of care: doctors, coaches, and your support network of family and friends. You benefit from helpful feedback and reminders, your loved ones gets access to your numbers and peace of mind, and your clinicians stays in the loop with timely updates. The goal is simple: to make managing your health a routine, not an obstacle.

To learn more about Philips BioTel Care® and the BioTelemetry® family of companies, please visit us at gobio.com.